City of Santa Cruz Ca. Destroys Skateboarding History!

DONT LET THEM DO IT! So the economy is down, and some companies are desperately looking for jobs and work for their employees, anywhere they can find it. Construction and building contractors, the most out of work, are desperately looking for work. So what do they do to make a few thousand bucks? They tell […]

Elephant Brand Skateboards: Mike V. adds Jason Adams to the lineup…

Mike Vallely has his new board brand out called Elephant Brand Skateboards, Jaosn Adams is now on the pro roster…

Skatevirus gear is in!! T-Shirts and Hoodies…

white tshirt in adult large xl and xxl T-Shirts are Here! Adult large,medium, xl T-Shirts available, select your desired color, all have a 4 color printed graphic! all come with quick FREE shipping within the USA! Easy ordering through Paypal! Adult Medium T-Shirt Colors- FREE Shipping! Mens Medium Grey $20.00 USD Mens Medium Red $20.00 USD Mens Medium Black $20.00 USD Large […]

ACE Trucks: Great Turning, Nice Grinding, Lightweight…

I’ve been riding ACE Trucks for a few years now and its not strange to me at all after riding Indy’s for over 20 years. ACE Trucks turn so good, they grind well and are lightweight. They have an awesome “old school” look to them and come in every size and color imaginable. I run […]

Weirdo Skateboards….sooooo Weirdly Good!

East bay California based Weirdo Skateboards is run by a dedicated skateboarder by the name of Tom Agusta. Tom’s belief is that every skateboard is to be made of the highest quality wood and made in USA. Sounds good to me! Check out Weirdo Skateboards at their website or demand it at your local shop! […]

follow SKATEVIRUS.COM on Twitter & Facebook…

SKATEVIRUS.COM is now on Twitter and Facebook…keeping you informed from events through Twitter and getting you SKATEVIRUS links with easy access on Facebook…click below to stay infected!! Follow @sk8virusdotcom’s Facebook page…infect yourself with “likes”!


There’s a new SKATEWORKS skateboard shop open in Los Altos California! Please support a true skateboarder and skateboarding family owned shop!

1031 Skateboards

Kristian Svitak has had his own skateboard company , 1031 Skateboards, for about 5 years now and they have some killer decks! Really good wood, nice concave, sick graphics and a great team. A true “skater owned” and “skater run” skateboard company. Please support them!

ISF Los Gatos California

ISF in Los Gatos is located at 805 University Ave Unit F, between Vasona park and Winchester Blvd. Its a small indoor street course with a pyramid, grind box, quarter pipes and banks. Open from a 3 to 9 pm most everyday and is 5 bux a session and sessions run about an hour. Due […]

621 Skateboard Shop Livermore California

621 Skateboard Shop in Livermore California is a pretty sick shop cause they have a fat mini ramp right inside. They do demos, concerts, contests and even skate lessons all on the ramp.  JoJo Heffington blasts a lein air off one of the 3 extensions, he rides for Weirdo Skateboards. photo -Jones

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