Tim Brauch Memorial Bowl Contest 2015! LCRSP Skull Bowl!

tim brauch memorial bowl contest 2015 lcrsp skull bowl san jose (16)

Pics from the 17th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Bowl Contest 2015, photos by Aaron Jones, copyright 2015

2013 Tim Brauch Memorial Bowl Contest Pics

2013 memorial tim brauch contest san jose (11)

2013 Tim Brauch Memorial Bowl Contest Pics, you know who they are! photos Jones

14th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Bowl Contest

Christian Hosoi layback grind

14th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Bowl Contest, September 22, 2012, LCRSP San Jose Ca. words and photos by Jones… Its amazing, everytime I come to the Tim Brauch memorial contest there’s always rookie pros ripping, a girls division thats shredding, the groms division blows my mind and a few new masters come out to rip in […]

“Chili-Bowl 8” SF Potrero Bowl Contest, 8-25-2012

overview at Chili Bowl 8 contest

“The City is trying to shut us down, so clean up the park afterwards!” were words announced to the crowd of about 400 people attending the Chili Bowl 8 contest in SF. It has become a fairly well known bowl contest over these years, but the skate park and surrounding park area can get pretty […]

SF: “Chili-Bowl 8” Potrero Skatepark Contest 2012!!

Chili Bowl 8 SF Potrero Skatepark Contest 2012

August 25th 2012, 12 noon Its that time of the year again in SF for the “Chili Bowl” contest at Potrero Skatepark!   The Bloodwizard site or fb page has up to date/more info….

“The 80’s are DEAD!” 80’s Zombie Skater Jam results…

Aaron Wica l- frontside blunt on the Coffin Grind Box @ Sunnyvale

words and photos – Jones Skate Rags pants: check, Vision Streetwear hipsack: check, Painters Cap: check, 169 Indy’s: check, and lookin like a Zombie: check! Thanks to everyone who dressed up and came out to skate! Thanks to Beer Run Skateboards, FishBanks Skateboard Shop, Lost Highway, The Tool Skatetool and Red Curbs for throwing down product as […]

13th Annual “Tim Brauch Memorial Bowl Contest” 9-24-2011

Jeff Hedges sad plants into 4th place Masters division

September 24th2011: The TMB Memorial Contest went off and is getting bigger and better every year! San Jose was home to Tim Brauch and is home to the Lake Cunningham skatepark with it magnificent “Skull Bowl”. The street contest was held at Scotts Valley Tim Brauch skatepark the following weekend and more shredding went down! […]

7th Annual “Toad & Salmon’s CHILI BOWL” Contest 2011!

Eddie Moreno - noseblunt

words and photos -Jones The 7th Annual “Toad & Salmon’s CHILI BOWL” Contest August 27th 2011 went off at Potrero Del Sol Skatepark in San Francisco California! Tons of people, Tons of chili and tons of great skateboarding. First place “Kids” went to Reid Nickalaus First place “Girls” went to Lizzie Armanto First place “Masters” […]

“Skate the Lake” last of the 2011 Summer comp…

words and photos Jones The Last of the “Skate The Lake” Summer 2011 contest series at San Jose’s Lake Cunningham Regional Skatepark went down on August 13th 2011… 1St Place Mini Bowl 12-16 yrs – Angel Ortega 1st place Street 12-16 yrs –  Jake Kottke Best trick – Jake Kottke – air to extention tail […]

“Push it to the Parks!” San Jose’s Go Skateboarding Day 2011


words and photos – Jones I almost forgot about the annual “Go Skateboarding Day” that was about to happen on June 21st 2011 if it was’nt for a guy in France. Yes, France. He messaged me through and asked “are you guys doing anything for Go Skateboarding Day?”. I knew I had totally forgot […]

FISHBANKS Skateshop Jam: Best Trick comp!

Well…congrats to Fishbanks Skateshop in Sunnyvale California for being around for 6 years. In a world of “we could care less about the local skate scene” chain store skate shops its nice to see a local shop support true skateboarding. It was a nice spring day at the Sunnyvale skatepark and there was a lot […]

12th Annual 2010 Tim Brauch Memorial Bowl Contest Lake Cunningham Regional Skatepark

The 12th Annual 2010 Tim Brauch Memorial Bowl Contest at Lake Cunningham Regional Skatepark was phenomenal! With a higher turnout compared to the 2 years past at LCRSP it was an awesome vibe all day long. Ladies, Locals, Amature, Pro and Masters were the divisions. Steve Caballero took first in the masters with Mark Partain […]

Tim Brauch Memorial Contest weekend! Oct. 2&3 2010

Its that time of the year again when the Tim Brauch Memorial Contest comes through Scotts Valley and San Jose. Street contest will be at Scotts Valley Skatepark on Saturday the 2nd and the Bowl Contest will be at Lake Cunningham skatepark in San Jose on the 3rd. Sessions will be the main sponser of […]

SF “City Underground” Mini-Ramp Contest 5-8-2010

Raven Tershay bs boneless low to high

The City Underground Mini Ramp Contest went down May 8th 2010 at Fort Mason in San Francisco. Skull Candy sported the mini ramp that Raven Tershay ripped and Brad McClain won taking home Two Gs! Hightower played next to the ramp, The Adolescents and Face to Face played later on the main stage. It was pretty rockin! […]

Nor-Cal Surf Shop mini ramp comp 2010

Nor Cal Surf Shop mini ramp comp 2010

Pacifica California aka “Fog City” is a very popular Northern California surf city. About 15 minutes south of SF its a nice get away for the city types to hit the waves. It also has a great skateboard scene, a legacy of skateboarders and an awesome skateboard park. So along those lines Nor-Cal Surf Shop […]

“Buena Vista” Pool Skateboard Contest 2009

Josh Sandovol bs boneless

These photos are from 2009 when the legendary Buena Vista Pool, just south of Santa Cruz California, was unearthed for some rare sessions and a contest. I believe Josh Mattson won by hitting all the tranny and lips he came across. Josh “Screech” Sandoval was doing roll in reverts and backside bonlesses into the deep […]

Toad & Salmon’s SF “Chili Bowl” Competition 2010

Toad & Salmons 6th Annual SF "Chili Bowl" Competition

The 6th Annual “Toad and Salmons” Chili Bowl contest went down at Potrero Skatepark in San Francisco on Saturday August 28th 2010. And once again Brad “Die-Hard” McClain took first place by going off in his last run and clearing the big gap from small bowl to small bowl. Competition was hot with lots of […]

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