Flashback! Mark Suciu…

mark suciu bs crooks rail san jose

Just stumbled across this pic of Mark Suciu (See-Chew) doing a crooked grind off a loading dock in San Jose. This was in spring 2008 and Rich Devera was out filming with Marc as he always did back a few years ago. Nowadays Marc is a prodigy in skateboarding and Rich is up in San […]

FLASHBACK! Milpitas Ca. Skatepark circa 1995

doug-shoemaker-milpitas-skatepark photo jones

Milpitas Ca. Skatepark was opened around 1995 in Gill memorial park and was around for less than 2 years, not related to the skate park of the 70s-80s and way before Vans park in Milpitas (RIP!!). This park was a small flat-ish cement park with 4 main street style features. To this day I’m still […]

DERBYQUE! Thursday the 21st: Go-Skateboarding day in Santa Cruz!

Derby Que at Derby Park Santa Cruz Ca

June 21st 2012: Go Skateboarding day in Santa Cruz at Derby park…yep its a “Derby-Que”! Sponsored by Skate Works and Consolidated…  

“Never Forget” Skatejam 2012: Sunnyvale Skatepark June 16th

Never Forget Skatejam 2012

After a long hiatus the “Never Forget” Skatejam is back! Started in 1999 when Tim Brauch passed away it had been going strong for years. This years will be at Sunnyvale Skatepark June 16th 2012. “Never Forget”!


On May 9th 1999 skateboarding lost a great soul & San Jose lost a sk8board brother. Never forget Timothy Michael Brauch… — Skate Virus (@sk8virusdotcom) May 10, 2012

City of Santa Cruz Ca. Destroys Skateboarding History!

DONT LET THEM DO IT! So the economy is down, and some companies are desperately looking for jobs and work for their employees, anywhere they can find it. Construction and building contractors, the most out of work, are desperately looking for work. So what do they do to make a few thousand bucks? They tell […]

Flashback! Ed Devera and Doug Shoemaker @Woodside High circa 1998

Ed Devera Woodside

Ed and Doug tearing it up at Woodside when we used to go and skate what seemed like every weekend! footage and edit by Jones- Skateshop: Oregon Road Trip 2010!

Dave Deusterburg - back-smith in Salem OR Bowl

words and photos – Jones Soooo….yea, a little late on getting this up on Skatevirus but…better late than never right??!! Anyways, some of the guys from Fishbanks Skateshop were planning an Oregon roadtrip for the fall of 2010. Lincoln City, Burnside and Tigard were all in the idea hat of spots to hit not knowing […]

Stew’s Skate Memorial @ Greer Skatepark Palo Alto….

James Eby pop tart off the Volcano

words and photos by Jones- “I cant believe punk bands are playing music at Greer skatepark!” is what I kept hearing on Sunday at Stew’s Skate Jam. How awesome is that!? Pretty freakin’ awesome! And so is the amount of people that came out to hang and skate in the memory of a guy who […]

FLASHBACK! “Crazy Eddie” Nemeth sequence in SJ

They call him “Crazy Eddie” Nemeth and here he is bluntslideing at a southside San Jose spot that was gettin hit up quite a bit back in 2003 (or so). And at another makeshift spot gapping out to front board over a picnic table to a Skateworks flatrail. I must have a ton of photos […]

13th Annual “Tim Brauch Memorial Bowl Contest” 9-24-2011

Jeff Hedges sad plants into 4th place Masters division

September 24th2011: The TMB Memorial Contest went off and is getting bigger and better every year! San Jose was home to Tim Brauch and is home to the Lake Cunningham skatepark with it magnificent “Skull Bowl”. The street contest was held at Scotts Valley Tim Brauch skatepark the following weekend and more shredding went down! […]

Cukui Skateboarder Art Show SAN JOSE…

Cukui Art Show SJ

September 23th 2011: Cukui Art Gallery, in San Jose California, put on a small show with big names in skateboarding. Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain, Jason Adams, Christian Hosoi, Pat Ngoho, Duane Peters, Steve Alba, Sid Enck Jr., Andy Howell, Scotty Greathouse, Steve Potwin, Chicken, and Richard Sanchez all had work on display. A variety of […]

San Jose Ca: Jason Adams & Jai Tanju “Shits Getting Heavy so Kill Yourself laughing” Collaborative Art Show!


San Jose Ca. / September 17th 2011 / Empire Seven Studios – words and photos Jones – Jason Adams & Jai Tanju’s “Shits Getting Heavy so Kill Yourself laughing” Collaborative Art Show! Jason and Jai have been traveling parts of the country doing their own art and phototography shows for a few years now. Unless […]

Circle-A Skateshop: 1st Annual Car Show!

Circle-A skateshop car show 2011

Circle-A Skateshop has been a staple of downtown San Jose for well over 12 years. Providing skateboarders, SJSU students and the usual downtown trolls  a place to get the newest skateboards longboards and footwear anywhere. The owner , Bob, is a long time skateboarder and total car nut, especially for Mopar vehicles. His idea for […]

FLASHBACK! Jesse Paez – 16 stair fs lipslide

Jesse Paez throws down a 16 stair frontside lipslide with a little bit of toe drag at a school near Visalia California, the year is 1999 or 2000. Jesse rips not only street but pretty much any terrain or trannies as well. Including Jesse, Visalia has bred some of the best and well known skateboarders in […] “RAMP WARS #1″…in the Books!

Words and Photos Jones “Ramp Wars #1” went down August 6th 2011…although it was just a test run of going ramp to ramp in one day, 3 Ramps still fell to the slaughter! First stop was The Tool/Skatevirus Headquarters 2 foot by 12 foot wide spine ramp, some people came here to meet up as […]


The quick plywood mini ramp extension. Installed in about 20 minutes with some screws and a few two by fours. Smoothed at the coping with a piece of masonite. Next thing ya know your ramp is transforned into a challenging overhead wall that may never be overcome. Like an oververtical piece of granite in a […]

FLASHBACK! circa 1998: San Jose Ramp Club!

Just came across these black and white photos from the SKATEVIRUS archives, er…well…actually its the Jones photo archives…ha ha! Jimmy Lunger with a frontside air, smith grind and “Roid” dog patrol, Doug Shoemaker bs ollie and hip hop hand attack, Russell Berrabe fs nosepick! Ramp Club we will never forget you! Just another page in […]


There comes a time in humanity when a battle begins due to conflicting interests of radius lengths and coping diameters. It soon can escalate into a grueling war of blood sweat and masonite burns. Especially when both sides are working with two by fours and wood screws. Too many “White collars” and not enough “Blue […]

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