Flashback! Mark Suciu…

mark suciu bs crooks rail san jose

Just stumbled across this pic of Mark Suciu (See-Chew) doing a crooked grind off a loading dock in San Jose. This was in spring 2008 and Rich Devera was out filming with Marc as he always did back a few years ago. Nowadays Marc is a prodigy in skateboarding and Rich is up in San […]

FLASHBACK! Milpitas Ca. Skatepark circa 1995

doug-shoemaker-milpitas-skatepark photo jones

Milpitas Ca. Skatepark was opened around 1995 in Gill memorial park and was around for less than 2 years, not related to the skate park of the 70s-80s and way before Vans park in Milpitas (RIP!!). This park was a small flat-ish cement park with 4 main street style features. To this day I’m still […]

Flashback! Ed Devera and Doug Shoemaker @Woodside High circa 1998

Ed Devera Woodside

Ed and Doug tearing it up at Woodside when we used to go and skate what seemed like every weekend! footage and edit by Jones-

FLASHBACK! “Crazy Eddie” Nemeth sequence in SJ

They call him “Crazy Eddie” Nemeth and here he is bluntslideing at a southside San Jose spot that was gettin hit up quite a bit back in 2003 (or so). And at another makeshift spot gapping out to front board over a picnic table to a Skateworks flatrail. I must have a ton of photos […]

FLASHBACK! Jesse Paez – 16 stair fs lipslide

Jesse Paez throws down a 16 stair frontside lipslide with a little bit of toe drag at a school near Visalia California, the year is 1999 or 2000. Jesse rips not only street but pretty much any terrain or┬átrannies as well. Including Jesse, Visalia has bred some of the best and well known skateboarders in […]

FLASHBACK! circa 1998: San Jose Ramp Club!

Just came across these black and white photos from the SKATEVIRUS archives, er…well…actually its the Jones photo archives…ha ha! Jimmy Lunger with a frontside air, smith grind and “Roid” dog patrol, Doug Shoemaker bs ollie and hip hop hand attack, Russell Berrabe fs nosepick! Ramp Club we will never forget you! Just another page in […]

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