14th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Bowl Contest

September 24th, 2012

14th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Bowl Contest, September 22, 2012, LCRSP San Jose Ca.

words and photos by Jones…

Its amazing, everytime I come to the Tim Brauch memorial contest there’s always rookie prosĀ ripping, a girls division thats shredding, the groms division blows my mind and a few new masters come out to rip in the bowl contest. I feel so lucky to just ride my bike from a few miles away to witness some world class skateboarding in a contest in the Memory of Tim Brauch. I love it. And its unbelievable that its been going on for so many years now, almost just as unbelievable that Tim has been gone that long. This contest shows how strong his spirit lives on in everyone that attends, whether to skate or just watch and whether or not they new Tim or didnt. It truly is amazing.
I got to the comp a little late this year as I’m usually there all day talking to friends, taking photos and skating around the park somewhere in between. Really stoked to not have missed the pros and the masters division finals. The masters division went off just before the pros. It was down to Cab, Hosoi, Hedges, Partain, Elguera and McGill. So awesome to see these guys come out to the contest for the first time or year after year and rip it up for old and new school skaters watching in awe of these legends. Steve Caballero ruled the entire bowl again for first place, Eddie Elguera came to town for second (do you remember his ripping parts in the H-Street videos?), Mike McGill pulled his Mctwist for the delight of everyone’s anticipation and took third, fourth went to Christian Hosoi who strung together some nice airs and his signature layback grinds, Mark Partain cruised with such nice style in the bowl for 5th, and Jeff Hedges came home with sixth and left us some super flapped tuck knee inverts to remember.
At the end of the day the Pros went off in the finals and it was great seeing Nor-Cal locals Brad McClain, and Josh Mattson come back to skate in the comp. Hey Raven, where were you?? Mike Brookman, Josh Rodriguez and Sky Siljeg came too and ripped it for the top three.
Thank you skaters who rode in the bowl contest and thank you everyone who skated the next day in the street contest at Scotts Valley. I’m thinking there should be a masters division for the street contest, bring out all the older guys, who new and skated with Tim Brauch back in the day, to skate against each other in a “local” comp. I think that could be pretty sweet! I would totally enter that!

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