“Chili-Bowl 8” SF Potrero Bowl Contest, 8-25-2012

August 26th, 2012

“The City is trying to shut us down, so clean up the park afterwards!” were words announced to the crowd of about 400 people attending the Chili Bowl 8 contest in SF. It has become a fairly well known bowl contest over these years, but the skate park and surrounding park area can get pretty trashed, so hopefully people helped clean up afterwards. Anyways…there was serious ripping going on from each mini-generation that seems to come of age to compete in Potrero’s cement bowl. Dont have the results just yet, but will add them asap! For now here are some pics…as usual! -Jones

UPDATE: I dont agree with these results, they have me scratching my head! Don’t get me wrong, all these guys tore it up at one point or another! But what gets you better placing? Your so called “run” or the chaos of the “deathmatch” jam????? I would have given Chris Russell(Reynolds?) first place, he flew in his run, flew in the death-match and pulled alot of tricks that were big…including that huge frontside boneless which I thought was the biggest one…anyways…

Mens final results: 1st Raney Bares 2nd Eddie Moreno 3rd Jerry Gurney, Womens final results 1st Mimi Knoop, Masters final results: Jeff Hedges

Thrasher video link HERE

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