“The 80’s are DEAD!” 80’s Zombie Skater Jam results…

October 31st, 2011

words and photos – Jones

Skate Rags pants: check, Vision Streetwear hipsack: check, Painters Cap: check, 169 Indy’s: check, and lookin like a Zombie: check! Thanks to everyone who dressed up and came out to skate! Thanks to Beer Run Skateboards, FishBanks Skateboard Shop, Lost Highway, The Tool Skatetool and Red Curbs for throwing down product as prizes! It all happened kinda last minute(as usual), but I DID have the flyer done for it a week and a half in advance and had a fat stack of product coming in to give out!

First place costume went to Tony E. with his version of a “padless Kevin Staab zombie”, dont worry Tony you didnt have to do any crazy tricks at the skatepark to win this catagory! First place best trick in a costume went to Keegan Root, he was zombified as a “Man Am skater” and was ripping all over the park: I think the blood and face makeup gave him extra skate powers! First place skating and tricks went to Aaron Wical who was just ripping the bowl and the Grind Coffin(which became the extension/wall ride in the mini) , second place went to Sean Root who was ripping with backside nosepicks and fakie noseblunts all over. Honerable mentions go to Josh Balogh and few other guys who were skating good on a such a Hallows-Eve day! See you next year with a new Halloween theme!

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