Half Moon Bay California “Cunha” Skatepark

Wow! Its the “2010s” and I cant beleive the Half Moon Bay “Cunha” Skatepark is still here! This “Ramptech” skatepark has been around since 1998 and you might remember Marc Johnson in a video tech-ing out on the grind box or Dan Drehobl skating the mini-ramp in a Thrasher video. I also cant beleive they dont have a cement park by now, I was sure they did.

The helmet mandatory skatepark has Skatelite covered obstacles: a tall 4 sided pyramid, quarter pipes and banks, grind box, manual pad box, grind bars and 2 mini ramps. The mini ramps are pretty fun, especially the 5 footer.

The ground on the street course is really bad, always has been. When they did improvements in 2010 it should have been the first thing to fix, it really ruins the fun when trying to push around on the street course. Why make better props when the ground totally sucks? Nobody skates street spots when they have crappy ground to roll on so why skate here? This is where city workers, engineers and people making decisions that dont skate can make almost no improvement to a skateboard park. People in control of what changes to a skatepark can be made need to LISTEN TO THE SKATEBOARDERS!!

If you are in HMB and like mini ramps then hit it up, then go hit up the mini ramp down in the parking lot a little ways North on Highway One. HMB is great place to visit with good surf, great seafood and other events always happening. Watch the traffic on Highway 92 coming or going out of town especially on the weekend, during Mavericks or around Halloween.

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