Hayward Ca. Tennyson Park Skatepark

The Hayward skatepark is small but pretty fun. If you havent been in awhile, only go every blue moon or its your first time there you’ll like it. Built in the early 2000s it was very popular for awhile. A small bowl with spine and a street course featuring 2 pyramids and a wall of banks and trannys and a long ledge. There are some almost non skateable obstacles and it can be hard to get speed in certain areas but hey, its good to push sometimes! If the city of Hayward had a skater on their commitee Im sure it would have been better. Like almost every skatepark around it needs improvements. The park is in a sorta ghetto area so dont stare at anyone for to long. The skatepark is located at Tennyson Park on Huntwood Avenue. -Jones

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