Manchester, NH Adam D. Curtis Skatepark

Manchester New Hampshire “Adam D. Curtis” Skate park is located in Basquil Sheehan park. Located not far from downtown Manchester and the Verizon stadium at Maple and Valley streets its a outdoor cement park built in 2001. Roughly 30,000 square feet , alot of it is flatbottom, it features a bowled in street course at about 5 to 6 feet deep and some higher sections at about 7 to 8 feet, a big 4 stair, fun box , spine, and a large and small transitioned hips. A small single kidney bowl about 4.5 feet deep and another couple banks and flat bar on the sidewalk top area. surrounded by a wide sidewalk. Not really a “destination” skatepark but if you live in the area or are visiting its a pretty good park to hit up.

Improvements? Yes it needs lots! The city or locals should do some repair on the some of the chipping concrete around the coping and DEFINITELY add some granite benches (this is the “Granite” state right?) along the sides of the wide sidewalk surround. If there was a  pramid or similar added to take up that huge area of flatbottom you could get some lines actually going. Lots of skateparks have been around 10 years now and the city should be petitioned to get these skateparks improvements. Manchester being one of them for sure! -Jones

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