San Jose California Roosevelt Skatepark

Of the five skateparks in San Jose, Roosevelt is the most popular. Its free, no pads, centrally located and has a little bit of everything for a fun session. Lets start with the pool. Its actually a weird looking pool but man its a fun one. There might only be around a foot of vert in the 10 foot deep end but its a nice in-between easy and hard. It has a round shallow end pocket that is a bout 6 feet deep and another “not much of a pocket” just next to it at about 7 feet deep. It has 2 very mellow waterfalls that make going back and forth very easy. The cement coping grinds very well and the tiles underneith let you know your close.

The street course is an area that surrounds about 3/4 of the park. A starting bank to roll in at one corner with banks ledges and wallrides in between. On the other end is a 6 foot quarter pipe and tall bank with a tech gap and up-ledge on return. The center of the park has a 4 foot halfpipe bowl with extension and then a larger 6 foot bowl with 8 foot extension that is very big.

Roosevelt is lots of fun, but it’s next to the ghetto creek so watch out for lurkers moving in and out. The handball courts are near by so dont stare to long at people and if a stray ball comes rollin by show’em respect and toss it back. Dont hang around or skate after dark without a group, Ive already heard about someone getting jacked at dusk.

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Roosevelt Skatepark is located at Roosevelt Park behind the Community Center at North 20th St. San José, Ca 95116(click on map)

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