Scotts Valley California “Tim Brauch Memorial” Skatepark

The 22,000 square foot “Tim Brauch Memorial” Skatepark in Scotts Valley California has been around since late 2004 and lies in between San Jose and Santa Cruz California. Its a Wormhoudt designed skatepark and was made with donations from the Tim Brauch Memorial fund and lots of directional help from Sessions Outerwear. It features a 7 to 10 foot deep combination bowl, a small 1 foot and 2.5 foot kids double bowl and a 9 to 8 foot cement coping big bowl that is connected to the street course. The street course has stairs, handrail, ledges, banks, twinkie pyramid (sorta rounded but in a pyramid shape), 5 foot bowled quarters with a channel, street ledges and rails surround the perimeter of the park.

Its a really fun park with something for everyone and make sure to always wear a helmet so the kooky cops don’t ticket you. It could use a wider sidewalk perimeter and the cement surface is very sticky for some reason, so ride smaller harder wheels if you can. Maybe one day they will seal the cement or stain it to give it some “slip”. That could be helpful in the bigger bowls. The coping is very sticky in places due to the galvanized coping they used.

The very sad part is that there’s not a plaque anywhere that says “Tim Brauch Memorial Skatepark” , supposedly the city said they would put one up and even a statue of Tim but never did! This is very typical of cities where no one in office is a skater and really gives a dam about skateboarding besides keeping them off the street. So if you have a minute email the city and ask them why they haven’t done/acknowledged this. The Tim Brauch Memorial fund pretty much paid for this park and Sessions Outerwear spearheaded the project to make this magnificent skateboard park! C’mon city of Scotts Valley…..YOU BETTER RECOGNIZE !!

Scotts Valley Tim Brauch Memorial Skatepark is located at: 361 Kings Valley Rd, Scotts Valley California 95066…here’s the map below

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