San Jose California “Stonegate” Skatepark

Stonegate is the first skatepark built in San Jose! Features a 5 foot kidney shaped bowl and a decent sized street course in a long rectangular shape. The street course features nice hubba ledges and a rail,four large banks and two 7 foot tall quarters and a nice pyramid. Park is slippery and has lots of grafitti so watch out. You can get alot of speed on the street course from almost any direction. The city should build a fat sidewalk around the perimeter so you can do more flatground and warm up, every skatepark probably needs that! Has a good amount of “lurkers” and a slight “hood” factor so beware. Stonegate is really fun for a smaller skatepark, funny how the street course is a hundred times funner than the one at Lake Cunningham! Stonegate skate park is located behind and west of Stonegate School.

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