Sunnyvale Ca. Lakewood Park Skatepark

Lakewood Park or “Sunnyvale Two” as it known is not far from the Fairoaks Skatepark. A small street park that utilizes one of the many “circle parks” in the area (the well sessioned “circle parks” in the Santa Clara area can be illegal to skate at). It’s been turned into a skatepark that features some flat bars and 2 different ledges and a very long double sided metal edged gradually curved ledge that spans about 40 feet long, a small transition street course sits in the middle features 2 wide quarter pipes and a small “fun box” setup in the center. Its all┬ámade from cement and stainless steel which makes it very smooth solid and at times slippery.

As small and worthless as this park seems it does pose 2 good things: 1. Gets your ollie legs outa the bowl: see what you have for the “up ledge”! I sometimes forget how fun ollieing is and how much it balances out skateing every terrain, including all the “tranny” out there. The skateboard community here and everywhere commends the city of Sunnyvale for building another park! Thank You!

Free , no pads , ledges and flat rails , double sided curbs , smooth ground , water spraying playground that’ll be nice in the summertime, it’s all very
fun! -Jones

Directions : North of San Jose about 5 minutes: 101 North exit at Lawrence Expressway go right (North East) make your first left onto Lakehaven Drive then
your first right which takes you to Lakewood Park on the right .

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