FLASHBACK! Milpitas Ca. Skatepark circa 1995

December 19th, 2012

Milpitas Ca. Skatepark was opened around 1995 in Gill memorial park and was around for less than 2 years, not related to the skate park of the 70s-80s and way before Vans park in Milpitas (RIP!!). This park was a small flat-ish cement park with 4 main street style features. To this day I’m still confused as to why they closed it and how it even came to be. What I do know is that all the locals sessioned the hell out of it’s hip and ledge, the bank to stairs and the 2 giant speed bumps. Here’s some pics of Doug Shoemaker, Eddie Ruiz and William Nguyen doing what they did on the regular at Milpitas, and that was kill it. More to come and maybe some video footage from the skate park and the good times had there while it lasted. -Jones



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